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Creative Beginnings

Judy’s career as a cake designer began in 2003.  While having been involved in event management and video production for almost 12 years, she had longed for new challenges and a different outlet to express her creativity.  Putting her Fine Arts background from the prestigious University of the Philippines, and instinctive talents in the kitchen to good use, she decided to try her hand at creating cakes for special occasions.  Since then, every new cake design requested has become an exciting creative adventure.

Aside from her work as a cake designer, Judy also heads one of Pampanga's foremost culinary schools and homegrown restaurants - Culinaire Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts, and Cafe Noelle, respectively. 


Bringing Sugar to Life

Today in the Philippines, The Cake Artist is proudly known for beautifully sculpted sugar flowers that look so deceivingly real they are often mistaken for fresh blooms.  Each flower is patiently hand-crafted and colored petal by petal.  Someone once described Judy’s work as being “so botanically correct” and “amazingly life-like, you’d have to touch them to believe they’re actually made from sugar”.  And the great thing is, the cake also tastes as good as it looks!

Her work has been widely featured in various local and international publications, as well as TV and internet media.  Come see us and together, let us create the cake of your dreams for your most special day!

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