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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we start designing the cake?
    Most of the cakes we make are customized to suit the bride's theme and wedding colors. Each creation is a collaboration between myself and my clients and i do take a lot of time researching about design details and elements to make our cakes unique and creative -- from the smallest details of our sugar flowers... to the colors and overall execution of our cakes. Let us know your cake ideas - basic things such as the size and dimensions you want, the colors or cake details you want to incorporate, and we can start from there.
  • I am getting married outside Manila. Do you deliver cakes to out-of-town locations? Can the cakes be shipped or air freighted?
    Yes, we can deliver outside of Metro Manila. Delivery fees would depend on the location of your reception. Some cakes are very delicate and intricate in design that they would have to be assembled on-site and finishing touches done at the event venue.
  • How much are your cakes?
    I would gladly discuss this option with you. Sometimes, the cost of my cake including my airfare and accomodations would still be lower compared to getting a cake in your international location.
  • How much are the cakes? There are no prices listed in the website.
    Our cakes are custom-designed and final prices would thus depend on the size, flavors and design of the cake. Just to give you an idea of the range, we have designed cakes with only a budget of P10,000 and other more elaborate creations where creativity was the limit, and not the price. Let us talk about the design you want and we will give you the best price for the cake of your dreams. As a general rule, the cost of a cake depends on how much artistic labor is involved. Therefore cakes that are a difficult or intricate that would require a lot of fine lace piping or sugar flowers will be more expensive.
  • How do we set an appointment? Where can we meet?
    Judy can meet you at her kitchen office in Quezon City. Please note that all meetings and consultations are by appointment only. Please email or text/call (+63) 917-8975839 for inquiries and appointments . Judy would be mostly available to meet during weekends and Mondays. If you are from out of town and have a limited schedule in Manila, please inquire for availability during other days of the week.
  • Can I request you to use fresh flowers on my cake?
    As much as possible, we try to use all-edible decorations on our cakes and would advise against the use of fresh flowers and foliage. These will come in contact with the cake and there may be pollen, insects and pesticide issues that you may need to consider. Besides, my sugar creations capture the life-like beauty of many favorite varieties of flowers found around the world making your cake a complete work of art. However, if you wish to incorporate fresh flowers on your cake, it would be best that your own florist/stylist do the arrangement on the cake.
  • I would like to learn about baking and cake decorating. Do you conduct regular classes?
    Judy sometimes conducts special cooking and baking classes in Pampanga at Culinaire Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts. You take a look at the schedules or classes here at Culinaire Academy.
  • My caterer/hotel/venue already has a cake in their package but I really would like to have one of your creations.  What do you suggest?
    You can discuss with your supplier what options you have regarding their package inclusions. Sometimes, the caterer/hotel/venue would agree to replace the cake with an alternative item or take out the cost of their cake from your package.
  • How much lead time do I need to order a cake? Can I order my cake one month before my wedding? How do I make a reservation?
    Some of our biggest clients book/reserve as early as one year in advance. Some make their reservations only just a few months before the date. We will accept the order as long as the schedule is still open for your wedding day. If you have decided to allow us to make your cake, you can make a 50% down payment and the balance would be due not later than 2 weeks before the wedding date.
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