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Zoe's Gold and Marble Cake

Ms. Judy did a fantastic job with our wedding cake! It looked so beautiful and it complimented our wedding style. Ms. Judy is a true artist when it comes to making wedding cakes. Not only did it look wonderful, it tasted great too. I highly recommend her for your next cake, she is the best of the best!

Zoe S.

Bessie's Cake

Hi Ms Judy, good morning ! Thank you for the beautiful wedding cake you made for my Silver Wedding Anniversary last Sat. The cake was good, too ! I have a token for you from our celebration. Just figuring out how to give it to you. Thanks again! 

Bess Fonte

Teo's Baptismal Cake

Hi Judy!  I would like to thank you again for accommodating my order.  The cake was sooo beautiful!  My niece, the mom of Teo, and everyone were raving about it and couldn’t stop taking photos with it, and it made the event sooo special together with the decor we put up.

Rest assured, you will always be in the top of our list, or better yet the one to call for special cakes in the near future.

Kang Acevedo

Mikaela's Baptism

Hi Judy!  The cake was lovely, thank you!

Cecile V.

Deng's 50th

Hi Judy!  Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL cake!  Deng and her lola/lolo were absolutely delighted and it made their day.  Everbody loved it and said it tasted delicious too!

Jeanette J.

Benz' Surprise

Benz loved the cake!  He wasn't expecting it and was shocked with excitement when we carried the cake to him. :)

The party was great and all our friends who attend the birthday loved the cake...they were taking so many pictures.  The cake was also delicious and everybody enjoyed.  Thank you so much for what you have done, we all admired your creativity on making such beautiful and delicious cake, keep up the great work. Benz and I would like to thank you and your staff for the great creativity.  Keep working and keep putting smiles on customers faces with your beautiful and delicious cakes.


Lynelle Moses

Pamela's Hombre Cake

We are finally doing catch ups, after a few days of festivities!  Just wanted to say that Louie and I are so happy with your work, and how amazing the cake turned out. It was truly a work of art and it was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen!  Thank you so much for the day and hope we cross paths again one day!

Pamela P.

Ambassador's Cake

Judy customized a 75th birthday cake for my father-in-law, representing his many facets in life such as diplomat, writer, alumni, journalist etc. When we first sat down with Judy, we weren’t sure yet what we wanted, but through the meeting with her, between chatting, brainstorming, and lots of useful advice given, we were able to come up with a great concept! The end results was a beautiful cake, 200% customized!  The cake was definitely one of the highlights of the evening! 

Wendy Ou

Rhia's Cake

Thank you, Judy for accommodating our last minute cake order.  You were very hands-on with your clients and open to special requests. The cake was delivered to the site early and it looked as beautiful as we imagined (and hoped) it to be!  My guests loved the cake too and said it was yummy!  Thanks again, Judy!

Rhia Dizon-Lowes

Rose Petal Cake

Hi Judy!  I've been meaning to contact you I was just busy amazingly up until now. Anyway, we enjoyed the wedding! Thank you for the BEST cake, it tied up with our theme and it complemented the hall we had our reception. Me and Jayvie, our families and friends enjoyed the cake up until days after the wedding :) I'm telling you we loved every bite of that carrot wallnut cake!  Thank you veru much Judy!

Marvic & Jayvie

Erin's 1st Birthday

Thank you so much for the cake... it was elegant and delicious!  :)​

Errol Santelices

Jam and Sterling's Cake

Hi Ms. Judy. How have you been? I wish everything has been well. I know it's a bit late but I just recently received our wedding photos from Chestknots and I'm sending you photos of your beautiful cake. I hope you'll find them handy!

Jam A.

Vener's Wine Cake

Happy new year Judy!  The cake was fabulous!  Thank you! 


Christine B.

80th Birthday Cake

I hope all is well with you, Ms. Judy.  The party was a success last August 20, 2017.  The cake was lovely!  Again thank you for celebrating this milestone with us Ms. Judy!


Anjannette A.

A Cake Patterned After the Bride's Gown

Hi Ms. Judy!  Thought you'd like a copy of the photos of the amazing cake you made for us. I really love how you got so much of my gown's beadwork into the cake design! Sorry it took so long to send some photos. Been pretty busy setting up home and work. Thanks again for the gorgeous and super tasty cake!

Abby and Nikki A.

An Elegant White Cake for Erin

Hi Judy!  I just wanted to say thank you for beautiful cake and teacup cookies.  They were everything we had hoped for.  Will be sure to share with you the photos of them at the reception when we get them from our photographer.  Thanks again so much!


Erin Z.

Yes! It's a Pancit Cake!

It's so nice!  Thank you so much!

Carmeli R.

Pamela's Hombre Wedding Cake

Hi Judy. We are finally doing catch ups, after a few days of festivities!  Just wanted to say that Louie and I are so happy with your work, and how amazing the cake turned out. It was truly a work of art and it was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen!  Thank you so much for the day and hope we cross paths again one day!

Pamela P.

Kwin Loves Kruger

Just sending a line to thank you so much for the time you spent for Kruger's cake.  Everyone in the party took a picture of it and it's delicious.  Kruger's bday was a real blast and aside from the lechon, the cake was one of the highlights.  Again, more power and thank you for making Kruger's party memorable and also for the extra topper that you made. (The toppers are the exact cloned small versions of kruger, it looked like him)

Kwan P.

Nette's Floewer Cascade

I would just like to thank you soooo much for the most beautiful and delicious cake I have ever seen and tasted!!  It was so pretty just like how we visualized it.  You have captured what Lee and I had in mind and we are very impressed with the cake.  We loved it very much!  Thank you again for making such a fabulous cake!

Nette P.

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